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Classic Carlectables new announcements

The following models have been announced by Classic and can be preordered now.

1971 ATCC Winner 50th Anniversary Gold Livery Chevrolet ZL-1 Camaro $299

18770 preorder here


1956 Holden FE Special Black/ Fall Red Interior $299

18772 preorder here

2007 V8 Championship Twinset Garth Tander And Jamie Whincup


We have this 1:18 twinset on special for the new year as we only have a couple left.

The model number is 18350 and it is priced at $300. This is a saving of a $100 at least.

Garth Tander in his Toll HSV Dealer Team Holden claimed the 2007 V8 Supercar Championship in a thrilling final round at Phillip Island.
Tander won the round to claim his first Championship win by just 2 points from Ford rival Jamie Whincup.

Both models feature fully opening doors, bonnet and boot and will sell quickly at this price.

The last sales on ebay were around $350. Don’t hang around, grab one now.

Comes in a display box and is a limited edition and includes a certificate of Authenticity.

Final December Releases

The following models have been released and can be purchased now. Stock is very limited so get in quickly.

Ford Sierra RS500 – 1989 Inter-Tec 500 Winner – #39 Allan Moffat / Klaus Niedzwiedz $250 B18501F

Larry Perkins/Gregg Handsford Holden VP Commodore 1994 Bathurst 3rd Place $289 18656

Holden EH Special Jindabyne Mauve $289 18748



Classic Carlectables November New Announcements

The following 2 models in 1:18 scale have just been announced and can be preordered now.

Preorders close 3rd December and you must provide your phone number.

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1997 Bathurst 2nd VS Commodore Richards/Richards

18768 $289

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Ford XY Falcon Yellow Ochre

18769 $289

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Classic Carlectables November releases

The following 1:18 scale models have been released by Classic Carlectables and can be purchased now.

Great for Christmas. Get in quickly.


Holden EH Utility Heritage Collection Shell

18752 $289

Only one left.


Holden HJ Monaro GTS 4 Door Mandarin Red

18747 $289

Only one left.


Holden HQ Monaro GTS In Sunburst Metallic

18745 $289

Only 2 left.




Classic Carlectables September New Announcements

The following 2, 1:18 scale models have been announced and can be preordered now. This is an automatically generated e-mail. Please do not reply.

Preorders close Friday 15th October and require a phone number.

Holden EH Utility BP British Petroleum

18761 $289

Preorder Now

BP’s origins date back to 1908, when British geologists discovered large deposits of oil in Iran, starting the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC). In 1919 APOC first shipment of fuel landed in Australia, and in 1920 the APOC formed a joint venture with the Government, selling fuel under the Commonwealth Oil Refineries (COR). 

The British Petroleum (BP) name was adopted in 1954, and continues to this day. BP has been influential in Australian motorsport, sponsoring drivers and events ranging from Touring Cars, Grand Prix and Land Speed Records. 

The ‘Standard’ interior features the highly detailed steering wheel and instrument cluster. 

Detailed 149cui engine and surrounding bay looks authentic. The smooth opening of the bonnet is aided by the metal hinges. 

The hinged tailgate can be opened, and features retaining cables just like the real car. 


Ford XY Falcon Phase III GT-HO 50th Anniversary Gold Livery

18762 $289

Preorder Now

Acclaimed as Australia’s ultimate muscle car, the 1971 Ford XY Falcon Phase III GT-HO set a new standard in high performance on the road and race track. Legendary amongst the Ford faithful, the Phase III is also one of the rarest with only 300 ever built. 

Late in 1970, Ford replaced the XW range with the new XY range. By the first half of 1971 at GT-HO, the Phase III, was released. 

This GT-HO was a true supercar and with a top speed of over 140mph was the fastest four door sedan in the world at the time. 

The new XY lacked none of the aggressive look people had come to expect. A functional, as well as decorative, air-cleaner assembly with a scoop protruding through a hole in the bonnet was standard. Ultimately this scoop assembly would become known as a ‘shaker’. 

The XY was such a beautifully built car, with awesome power and handling. 

Classic Carlectables are proud to present a special Gold Livery Edition of the Ford XY Falcon Phase III GT-HO to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of its creation in 1971. 


1978 / 1979 Sandown 400 Winning Cars

Following on from the announcement that the Sandown 1978 and 1979 winners had been cancelled, Classic Carlectables have stepped up to the plate and announced both these models.

Preorders close Monday 27th September and a phone number is essential.

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1978 Sandown Winner Peter Brock $289

18764 preorder here


1979 Sandown Winner Peter Brock $289

18765 preorder here

Holden HX Monaro in Persian Sand

18759 $289 Email Us

This model has been announced and you can preorder it now!

Preorders close Friday 17th September 2021 and a phone number is required.

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1973 Bathurst 3rd Holden LJ XU-1 Torana Bond/Geoghegan

This model in 1:18 scale has been announced and can be preordered now. Preorders close Friday 3rd September and require a phone number.

Place your preorders by using this link. Do not reply to this email as it comes from an unattended address.
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18630 $289

Being produced in diecast with opening parts.

The 1973 Bathurst race would test the 17 Toranas facing the starter. The new distance of 1000 km (630 miles not 500 miles) placed extra stress on cars, and regulations now put cars like the Torana in the same class as Falcons and Chargers. Most of the private team Toranas couldn’t keep up with the Falcon’s pace and mechanical failure thinned the field by mid-race.

But the Holden Dealer Team Torana’s used a taller 2.78 to 1 final drive. They could challenge the Falcon of Allan Moffat and did so aggressively. But a pit stop drama meant Peter Brock, sharing with Doug Chivas, placed 2nd.

Colin Bond with Leo Geoghegan as his co-driver drove a faultless race crossing the line in 3rd place. Full credit to HDT!