Classic Carlectables September New Announcements

The following 2, 1:18 scale models have been announced and can be preordered now. This is an automatically generated e-mail. Please do not reply.

Preorders close Friday 15th October and require a phone number.

Holden EH Utility BP British Petroleum

18761 $289

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BP’s origins date back to 1908, when British geologists discovered large deposits of oil in Iran, starting the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC). In 1919 APOC first shipment of fuel landed in Australia, and in 1920 the APOC formed a joint venture with the Government, selling fuel under the Commonwealth Oil Refineries (COR). 

The British Petroleum (BP) name was adopted in 1954, and continues to this day. BP has been influential in Australian motorsport, sponsoring drivers and events ranging from Touring Cars, Grand Prix and Land Speed Records. 

The ‘Standard’ interior features the highly detailed steering wheel and instrument cluster. 

Detailed 149cui engine and surrounding bay looks authentic. The smooth opening of the bonnet is aided by the metal hinges. 

The hinged tailgate can be opened, and features retaining cables just like the real car. 


Ford XY Falcon Phase III GT-HO 50th Anniversary Gold Livery

18762 $289

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Acclaimed as Australia’s ultimate muscle car, the 1971 Ford XY Falcon Phase III GT-HO set a new standard in high performance on the road and race track. Legendary amongst the Ford faithful, the Phase III is also one of the rarest with only 300 ever built. 

Late in 1970, Ford replaced the XW range with the new XY range. By the first half of 1971 at GT-HO, the Phase III, was released. 

This GT-HO was a true supercar and with a top speed of over 140mph was the fastest four door sedan in the world at the time. 

The new XY lacked none of the aggressive look people had come to expect. A functional, as well as decorative, air-cleaner assembly with a scoop protruding through a hole in the bonnet was standard. Ultimately this scoop assembly would become known as a ‘shaker’. 

The XY was such a beautifully built car, with awesome power and handling. 

Classic Carlectables are proud to present a special Gold Livery Edition of the Ford XY Falcon Phase III GT-HO to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of its creation in 1971.