1973 Bathurst 3rd Holden LJ XU-1 Torana Bond/Geoghegan

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Being produced in diecast with opening parts.

The 1973 Bathurst race would test the 17 Toranas facing the starter. The new distance of 1000 km (630 miles not 500 miles) placed extra stress on cars, and regulations now put cars like the Torana in the same class as Falcons and Chargers. Most of the private team Toranas couldn’t keep up with the Falcon’s pace and mechanical failure thinned the field by mid-race.

But the Holden Dealer Team Torana’s used a taller 2.78 to 1 final drive. They could challenge the Falcon of Allan Moffat and did so aggressively. But a pit stop drama meant Peter Brock, sharing with Doug Chivas, placed 2nd.

Colin Bond with Leo Geoghegan as his co-driver drove a faultless race crossing the line in 3rd place. Full credit to HDT!