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FPV BF GT-P – Mercury Silver

FPV BF GT-P – Mercury Silver

This model is being released today and a couple of them are available to purchase on our website.

Produced in high quality sealed body resin, the 1:18 Scale FPV BF GT-P is a finely crafted model. Despite being a sealed body model, the interior detail has been expertly replicated which can clearly be seen through the clear windows and the exterior lines are very sharp. The exterior finishing and colour of this model is a real standout also. The Mercury Silver paint job and the Orange sticker kit work so well together and it will simply be a beautiful collectors model to display.
It should be noted that the images featured here are of a prototype sample and there are numerous areas that need to be corrected prior to production.

The model number is BR18307F and it is priced at $195

Buy your one here